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It's easy to throw around labels and to try to put people in boxes. Milan Believes in the freedom of creation. With his extensive experience he has managed to become an expert in multiple disciplines in the creative sector. 

This means that whatever role he takes on, he never loses track of the bigger picture. All the while keeping his eye on the details. 


It all starts with a vision. It can be his own, or a client's that needs to be worked out. Milan knows how to put together a treatment that sells an idea or concept. Milan believes that concepts need to be creative and inspiring, while never losing sight of the purpose and what I needs to achieve. Added benefit is, that because of his experience, he knows how to take an incredible idea and execute it.

Currently, apart from commercial work, Milan is working on several documentary projects as well as several fiction projects in the capacity of writer. 



Visions are important, but the translation from paper to a screen is a long and intricate one. It involves a lot of dedication, persistence and practical solutions. Milan finds joy in directing all departments needed on set. He believes that that the vibe on set translate into the final product, so the proces and the end result should both be great.



By having experience in so many fields in film, it gives you a unique perspective on the production as a whole. this means that Milan is a Valuable connection between the client and crew. Having run productions all over the world gives Milan a lot of insight. He knows how to stay on time and on budget. 


Shooting, Editing, Grading.

Milan has a passion for the fundamentals. Where the other disciplines put you at the top of a larger team, he also enjoys working with his hands to really create. He owns and operates his own Red camera. He edits short form as well as long form, having recently edited two docu series for a large Sutch streamer; Videoland. Milan also just wrapped shooting a documentary for large International streamer. 

His true passion is storytelling and being part of that process in any capacity he can. this can be for a client as a commercial, or for a streamer or network in the form of a documentary or fiction. 

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